Show Information & Rules
Information may change. You are responsible to keep up with changes.

ENTRIES: Shows are open to all artists, craftsmen, and sculptors from all states. All merchandise is to be inside the building 1 HOUR BEFORE THE DOORS OPEN to the public and leaves you time to setup.

ADVERTISING: Our shows are extensively advertised in local media also with signs, posters, TV and some radio, online media, and more!

FEE: Amount of fee is listed with each show. No commission is charged on sales. After you have paid for two shows in full you may put deposits on future shows of at least $50. Any show fee (whether a deposit or added features to an existing application) refused by you to pay is an automatic removal from the show and forfeit all other shows with no refunds. The last shows are paid first if you use this option.

SPACES: A space example: 8X6 is 8 ft wide by 6 ft deep. The first number is always the width. Anyone sharing a space with someone else is required to rent a 12 foot space.  We give you a 2 foot walk space between you and the next person on one side. This 2 foot walk space is not to be used by customers in any way. If you want to corner your tables you cannot use the 2 foot walk space, you will need to purchase a corner space. 
SET UP TIME: Check each show. Merchandise must be inside the building 1 hour before the doors open and vehicles moved to their proper place. Parking for crafters is always furthest from the door, enabling your customers to bring purchased items to their vehicles easier.

CHILDREN: Children must stay at the booth with the parents at all times not creating a disturbance. Due to insurance issues children are not to leave the space without a parent.

REQUIREMENTS: You may bring your own tables, chairs, or rent from us if available, check with the show listing. You must supply your own clean covers, that cover the table to the floor on at least 3 sides. You will need 20-50 ft heavy duty electrical cords & power strips are highly recommended if you are using electricity. No small extension cords for long distances.
All stock boxes must be kept out of sight (under table) until the show is over unless you are restocking, absolutely no dollies will be brought in from vehicles during the show until the show is over at 4PM. If a customer should get hit by a dolly or boxes brought in before the show is completely over, the crafter is liable for any injury and must give their insurance info to the customer & to us.  End of show is not even 5 minutes before.
Augusta Civic Center, Electric you can add 1 plug into their receptacle for electric and must bring your own electrical strip to use addional plugs.

All our shows are two days, you may do one day but the price is the same and we have to know in advance as we only take a few spaces per show.

PARKING: Unload cars, vans, trucks, etc., & move immediately to the designated area before you set up. Designated areas are always the furthest spots from the door off the tar, etc., ask at the show. Do not move your vehicles to the door until the show closes and you have finished packing.

CHECKS & REFUNDS: Make checks payable to Lois Taylor. If a show is canceled by us due to no interest from crafters or if you are not accepted into a show REFUNDS will be made-otherwise no refunds. If a venue has closed not due to us but the building  or area or any other reason, you will be given another show, as long as you are in good standing with us. Any show canceled by you holding only a deposit will require full payment or no other deposits will be accepted from you. You will be required to send full payments for each show applied for at this point. You may apply for as many shows as you wish & send one (1) check. No spaces may be re-rented or given to another crafter by you if canceled. If you miss a show and don't call you will not have a spot saved for the next show you applied for until we hear from you and no refunds.

ALL DECEMBER SHOWS: Must be paid in full before you are accepted into the show. 


APPLICATIONS: Fill in ALL information for each show & return with payment. Applications will not be accepted without vehicle information and the application signed & dated.

CREDIT CARDS: We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & Discover for show payments.

NOTIFICATION: I try to send an email back to everyone. If you don't get an email, it could be, I didn't receive your application. Email or call me.

Show Etiquette: Anyone complaining about space, crafters, etc. and bothering crafters around their space will be spoken with, if it continues the crafter(s) will not be permitted to another show or will be told to leave and no refunds. It's not fair to crafters around them to lose sales with bad attitudes in the area. We want to hear if you have a problem but not within crafters or customers hearing. If we can fix the problem we will but you must understand we are not magicians. We all make mistakes at one time or another. There is no excuse to be discourteous.

SHOW POSTERS: Crafters are asked to put up posters for the shows they are attending to help get your information out. They will be under the show you apply for as a PDF file. Click on it and print them out.  Add your business card to the poster to maximize your exposure.

Add our craft shows that you are attending  to your Facebook, Twitter, snapchat, website, or any of the other online features
you use to promote yourself.  Let us know where you listed.   
Thanks for reading this.

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Our Craft and Festival Show List.
Show Fees and Sizes
Show Forms that will be mailed back to me.

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