Online Application for Trade Shows

        Fill out the form below and I will get it almost immediately. I say that because I have experienced it within a few minutes to overnight. You
        can pay for your show with PayPal or call with your Credit Card. 

       Check the cost for the spaces you want. If you want 1 8 foot spaces you would click beside the 1 8 foot. If you wanted 2 / 8 foot spaces you
       would click 2 8 foot. The same goes for the 10x10 or 12 foot spaces.

       You can also click how many corners you want (they have to be added to a space) in other words you cannot add only a corner without
       a space. The 4 foot spaces aren't available for a corner to be added.
      Tables and chairs add up how many of each you want. If you don't want any don't fill in the box.

      Figure all the cost, add it to the total and that's it.

      After you hit the submit and I receive the application I will send you an invoice to be paid right away or call with your C/C ASAP before I
      make out the invoice.

Trade Show Application

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

If using a credit card call Lois at 706-843-9188. 
Please DO NOT use the form above if payment is other than PayPal or a credit card.

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