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There are no commissions or other charges excluding the one time registration and annual fee

Webpage Cost contact me at 207-946-7079 or 706-843-9188

What you will receive
You will receive a web page business name (or what ever you want).html You will get reciprocal links on our links page and other sites I find that will help you.

Your own email address for your site. Example

You do not need a website or email address to do this. Speak with me 207-946-7079.

Receive payments right away with paypal on your site with fees going directly into your checking or savings account.

Sound on your site: We are looking into this. Something very simple as Welcome to our site or this months special etc.

Customer testimonials: We will ask your customers (when they get a thank you for ordering message) to come back and let us know how their experience was with their transaction. This will help you with other customers. (of course this is with your permission)

If a category is filling too fast I will limit it to crafters and artists that are doing my shows. The website will be given to all customers through our show listings, advertisings on radio, newspapers, Maine visitors Centers, web links and many other advertising sites that I use.

This form can be printed and mailed to Lois Taylor, PO Box 67, Greene, Me 04236

What I would need from You

4-6 photos of your crafts ( more if needed, talk to me about it) and description of your items. The site will be worked to make sure we get the search engines to spider you. Search engines take time finding pages in the meantime we will have customers coming in from other means.

Photo of your set-up from a show. (optional)

The site will be limited to one category but you can have as many sites as you wish.

Email Address:___________________________
What kind of success are you getting with your website? _________________________________________

What meta tags are you using? (if known)_________________________________________

Description of your website? (if known)____________________________________________ ____________________________________________
What are the results you are looking for? ____________________________________________ _________________________________________
Art or Craft Category____________________

One time registration and setup fee: $50.00 ____________________
Yearly fee: $100.00 ____________________

Total Amount Due:____________________

Signature _________________________________________

Lois Taylor, PO Box 67, Greene, Me 04236
Phone: 207-946-7079 Sept 27-Dec
352-465-2671 Jan-Sept

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Click submit on the application form first call me with your Credit Card to finish.