For Sale

This new site will be an area for you to sell whatever you have leftover whether it's new or used, material or machinery. This is not a site you can list your crafts for sale, only leftover merchandise.

Many crafters are retiring or changing their craft categories and have new and used items that other crafters and artists could use. This will enable crafters a site to buy and sell these items.

If you want to buy any of the items listed below contact the individual listed in the "for sale" item. Each add will list the phone number and email if they have one available. Emails and other links are the colored words, I'm telling you this as some new crafters aren't aware of this feature. More items will be listed as crafters hear about the new area, it's free.

To apply for free space contact me For further details.
In the subject area please add For Sale Site.

Knitting Machine
Used Sudio Electronic Knitting Machine 360 with ribber. For more information Lois Taylor 352-465-2671 now until Sept 20, 207-946-7079 Sept.-Dec 20

Fabrics Etc.
Bolts of fabric, fiberfill, pillow & wall hanging panels, doll eyes, florals and many more items. Theresa Clark 727-942-2217 now until May or June 2006, 207-685-9303 May or June-Oct 1 2006

Wood Items.
Wood toys, letters, numbers, cutouts, raw wood, too many items to list. Call him. Bill Clark 727-942-2217 now until May or June 2006, 207-685-9303 May or June-Oct 1 2006

Domain Names
Do you have a Domain Name? If you have a business get your name as a domain now before someone buys it before you do. I lost my name and had to wait for 7 years for the person to drop it. He wanted me to buy it for $700 dollars. You can have a domain name for $8.95. Do it today for your business, it is very important. Save your name! Get the people I have for only $8.95.